The Ultimate Knife Bag


When I was sitting down at the PC and designing some neat things, I showed a couple of ideas to my good friend Ray Ealdama and then I was talking about an idea I had for a knife bag. He told me to draw it up in the same way I did the other ideas. I was basically using an MS Paint Program, using a Bitmap Image that you can paint with…and designing things. Real professional, huh? Very Neanderthal…

Well…over the summer, Ray sent me what he referred to as a "sleeve" for Balisongs. Well, let me tell you something! His attention to detail was quite evident. I mean, this was really a cool little carrier for Balisongs! Using View-Flex windows and with excellent stitching throughout…and a heavy-duty zipper, this was really a nice piece. Indicative of things to come…

Here is a picture of the "Sleeve" but it is loaded with Spyderco Knives. All of them with the exception of two are Trainers.

I thought back to the two Blade Shows I had attended and using several other knife bags as a starting point, I began to mold the two ideas into one. What I would want if I was a High Roller and traveling to Knife Shows and buying all sorts of things like some folks do!

I’ve watched people by a few thousand dollars in knives from one table, just to continue on to the next table with glee in their eyes…their wallet getting thinner along the way.

Although I may never be able to do that, this would still be cool as a "Show and Tell" type of bag. If you only buy a couple of knives at a show and you buy throughout the rest of the year and you want to meet with your online friends at a show, this is something nice to hold your entire collection…or at least a sizable portion! Or, you can fill the thing up at the Show!

And there will be room in there for a record book…in case you do that, a Day Planner or a PDA…pens…flashlights…your Airline Tickets… You get the idea.


Extra Security



What do you leave in the hotel room? You don’t want to leave ANYTHING in a hotel room of value or importance. Carry it with you. You go out to eat, carry it with you.

Besides, you can impress the hell out of Sushi Chefs with your Custom Knives as I did in Georgia at the 1999 Blade Show!

For those of you that have been to the Blade Show in Atlanta…and have rode in a Shuttle Bus from Hartsfield, you will know that it is a ride from hell. You can put your Portable CD Player in the outside pocket of the bag and enjoy yourself. If you are going to expire on Atlanta’s Beltway, may as well be listening to something you want to expire to. Georgia, by the way, is one of the most hospitable places I have ever visited. The people in the Atlanta and Smyrna areas are laid back, pleasant and polite.

Maybe you don’t go anywhere, no problem, if you have a nice collection and you keep them in a safe, this will keep everything in order for you! It really is versatile and not merely for the Knife Collector who travels.


The Prototype


This model has 12 individual pockets specifically designed for folding knives. Each pocket has a View-Flex window. You will see that a couple of the pockets/windows on the ends are a little bit smaller, not as wide. That won’t be present in the final bags made. Everything will be perfectly done. This was the Prototype Bag! But mine works out cool because I can place Balisongs in the narrow pockets!

An insert, secured by three heavy-duty snaps, will hold 10 more folding knives in the center of the bag. Think of the insert as a large, bi-fold wallet. All 10 pockets have View-Flex windows as well.

In back of the built-in pockets with View-Flex windows, there are three large pockets, roughly the width of two of the View-Flex pockets. More knives can be placed in here; folders can be clipped to the top of these pockets as you see in the pictures. Or, you could insert high dollar collectible knives that are in individual, zip up pouches. Sliding the knife [already inside its individual zip-up pouch] into these larger pockets…

These three pockets are on both sides, inside the bag. For a total of six.

Behind those three pockets is yet another layer of material, this is a much larger pocket. A single pocket that is basically legal pad size. This pocket is secured by a single, heavy-duty snap. I placed a legal pad in the one pocket and it was large enough to hold the pad but the pad was so large the snap could not be secured. I doubt this would be an issue with carrying the legal pad as there is nothing sliding or flopping around in the bag. Smaller items, obviously, the pocket can be secured with the snap.

Do I have to say it? This bag holds A LOT of knives and related items. You will see in the pictures, folding knives, a few neck knives, training knives, JSP and other Koppo Sticks, LED Flashlights, all sorts of things.


The Outside


On the outside, on each side, more zippered pockets! One is a "bellows" type of pocket, the other is flat. They still hold a bunch of different items. When you see the pictures, know this, I did not have to force a zipper on this bag, anywhere, to close it. What you see is an idea of what it will hold.

Look at the assortment of things that went into this pocket. And there was no "forcing" the zipper either! And…more stuff could have been placed in there too!

The other flat pocket, I just placed a hardback "Ledger" in to give you an idea!

The following pictures should explain nicely how the insert works, snapping in and out and folding over, etc.

And…although the "Sleeve" I mentioned before did not come with the bag…it did fit in there with no problem, in the center. Again, no "forcing" of the zipper was required.

Nice, huh?

Don Rearic


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