To my Friends in The United Kingdom



Many of you have written over the past year, back when my Website was, asking about how you could possibly defend yourselves in your Country when everything has been taken from you. Yet there is a diehard criminal element attacking not only each other, but also good, Law-abiding British Subjects.


Understand, precisely, that I am in no way “attacking” British Subjects when I say the following.


Your Country does not care about your safety in the slightest. This is harsh to say; yet it is true. Your Country would rather investigate the murder of you or your family instead of allowing you the ability to defend yourself by carrying something as simple as a Kubotan Keychain (Pocket Stick).


These are facts; they are not my opinion. The Government does not come right out and say that, their other words and actions support the fact that they feel this way.




On the Avon and Somerset Police Website, it clearly states:


“Can I carry a knife to protect myself from people who might attack me in the street?”


The answer on the Website is simply:


“No. The law does not allow you to carry a knife or any other weapon for self-defence.


Now, to make a few points.


·        If you are confronted and attacked by a maniac, an Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP) or someone who is chemically fueled on some illegal drugs, you are at a severe disadvantage. It will be a terrible fight unless you are incredibly lucky and the person attacking you is incredibly unlucky.


·         If you are confronted and attacked by multiple assailants, meaning two or more, you are at a severe disadvantage. It will be a terrible fight unless you are incredibly lucky and the person attacking you is incredibly unlucky.


·        If you are confronted and attacked by someone armed with any suitable and effective weapon, a firearm, edged weapon or some sort of impact weapon, you are at a severe disadvantage. It will be a terrible fight unless you are incredibly lucky and the person attacking you is incredibly unlucky.


I am speaking specifically if you do not have some type of “Equalizer,” a weapon to even the odds.


The Police know these things. They are not stupid. Likewise, a great number of Politicians realize this, as they are not stupid. They do not care about you.


If you think I am being redundant in my wording of the above three points, that is entirely intentional. I wish to save you the pain and suffering of being maimed, crippled, paralyzed or killed on the street.


This is a time for plain words my friends. This is not a time for hyperbole, red herrings, empty or meaningless rhetoric. These things are facts.


In a society that has a hardcore cross section of criminals that are armed with whatever they wish to arm themselves with, when the Government states that the honest people cannot carry ANY weapon for Self-defense purposes, they are Pro-Criminal. They are denying you a large degree of safety. They are actively becoming the Protector of the criminal element, they are protecting the criminals from YOU.


They are denying you one of the most basic, common-law human rights you have as not only a Human Being residing on Earth, but as a British Subject. They are denying you the Right to Self-defense. They are placing you in the precarious position of either allowing yourself to be a victim of the criminals that they either cannot control or refuse to control. Or, if you choose to not heed their Draconian Proclamations, they will victimize you by making you a criminal as well and place you in prison with the criminals!


They are directly telling you, “Suffer the criminal’s wrath, no matter what it may be, or you will suffer our wrath.”


They find it perfectly acceptable that you, or your spouse, or your children, or your grandparents die instead of having the means to defend themselves for they know that the Police are present at very few crimes. They know that the Police will not be there on the scene to save you. Criminals go to great lengths not to work their evil in the presence of the Police! They know this!


Isn’t this a wonderful poster? This can be found in London now. Don’t you feel safer that at least your body won’t be cold when the Officer puts the chalk outline of your body down on the pavement? You might still be warm. I mean, sure, they might see you get killed on camera, a hell of a lot of good that will do for you by the time they get there!



Instead, they don’t request, they demand that you plead your case to the predatory criminal who confronts you. You are to use the criminal’s mercy as your Self-defense weapon. You are demanded to expect mercy from those that have little, if any at all to give you. If they were merciful, they would not be attacking you to begin with, would they?


There is a “Knife Amnesty” going on right now as I type this (October 28, 2002) in certain areas in the U.K. and anyone that turns a knife or possibly some other type of simple “weapon” in, is guaranteed that this is an anonymous act.


What they are NOT telling you is, they fingerprinted the weapons around 1996-1997 when the last “Knife Amnesty” went on.


You are NOT anonymous and your Government is lying to you once again.


I am not saying this to “help criminals” as I don’t think too many British crackheads are reading my Website. I am warning you…if you turn in a simple pocketknife and you have committed no crime whatsoever, you will then probably be placed on some stupid list of “Radical Knife Owners and Psychopaths” by The Home Office if they lift a fingerprint off of the knife you turn in. You think this is paranoid? Look at the poster above.


And I’m sure you really don’t need that sort of grief in your life.


It could effect your livelihood, you could lose your job in the future or possibly be denied Employment in the future if your name is on such a silly, petty, tyrannical, childish list of Anti-Social Miscreants who once owned pocketknives or hunting knives.


I have read in the past few days that the British Government is deliberately altering the murder statistics to downplay the number of murders. I asked two people in British Law Enforcement if this could possibly be true and they answered in the affirmative.


The way they are apparently doing this is very simple. If a murder is not solved, it is not counted as a murder. We are not talking about News Stories, we are talking about Official Statistics. This came about when people interested in such things offered up the radical idea that you are more likely to be attacked in London (Not necessarily killed, only attacked.) than in New York City here in The United States of America.


But once again, the lies pour forth and people must put their pride away and admit there is a problem in order for the problem to be dealt with effectively. Unfortunately, this is not happening and probably will not happen.


It’s just important for good British People to know that the statistics are being deliberately manipulated to make them feel safer when in fact, violent crime is growing in Britain.


Apparently, The Powers That Be in Britain think people are stupid. They think that people cannot read simple words and comprehend what they are reading.


Take this statement from one Police Website, for example:


“If you are attacked…


Shout as loudly as you can. Get away rather than get even.”


Listen closely, this statement is insidious and extremely dishonest. If you defend yourself, you are not “getting even.” Self-defense is not PUNITIVE to the attacker nor is it REVENGE. To claim otherwise is a LIE.


“Get away rather than get even” which was preceded by, “If you are attacked.”


It did not say, “If you are insulted.”


For those stupid people who would disagree, allow me to explain to you simply what this is all about.


If you are ATTACKED, defending yourself is NOT in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, “getting even!”


No, it is defending yourself, Self-preservation. Understand?


“Getting even” simply means, “getting revenge” and defending yourself is NOT “revenge.” It’s just THAT simple my Friends, do not allow them to twist the meaning of words to fit their purposes which are not in your best interest!


For those that simply think I am slamming The British Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, allow me to explain this with two, simple scenarios:


1.    You are in a Shopping Center buying food. You bump into someone who is a hostile individual and you say, “Excuse me, I’m sorry.” And they then attempt to throw a punch at your face after calling you a name and you then strike them as they draw back to hit you and you strike them again until they back off and are no longer a threat to you.


This is simple and LEGAL Self-defense in any proper and just Society.


2.    You are in a Shopping Center buying food. You bump into someone who is a hostile individual and you say, “Excuse me, I’m sorry” and the person screams at you, “Asshole!” You then calmly back off and continue your shopping, staying away from the individual. Outside in the parking area, you see the person again and your pride was hurt because they called you an “asshole” in public and you decide to go over and strike them in the face because you are now angry about what happened in the Shopping Center…


THAT IS REVENGE! You should not do that!


The British Authorities are simply twisting words and concepts to suit their own agenda and the agenda is one of victimization.


It is a myth that having total Civilian Disarmament is some how “Civilized” and the use of Countervailing Force in the form of simple Self-defense is “Barbaric.” This is WRONG.


Think about this carefully, read this over several times and I believe you will agree unless you are in the business of creating victims, in which case, I pity you.


If you agree with me, please click CONTINUE to carry on with the next Article on just how an innocent person can survive in an environment where not only the Criminal Element has targeted you for victimization and punishment, but Law Enforcement has as well.





Don Rearic


copyright DonRearic.Com


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