Nighttime Companion Review: CMG Infinity L.E.D. Task Light

Written By Jay

Death & Taxes.

Iíve had an eye for a nice flashlight for as long as I can remember. In my childhood days you werenít worth your salt if you didnít have one of those crappy plastic lights that had a red & a green filter built in, so you could change the colour of the light by pushing a switch. As I got older I discovered a very real need for a quality light, and I made the (then) logical choice of buying the biggest MagLite I could find. This was all very well and good, but itís not really something that I really wanted to carry around with me. The other problem I seem to have with MagLites is they go through bulbs at an alarming rate. Not a huge issue, but replacement bulbs and batteries tend to drain the old knife money rather rapidly.

The Future Is Now

Theres a whole slew of L.E.D. lights on the market today, most of them not much bigger than a coin - with an everlasting bulb and increased battery life, they are portable, bright, available in a range of colours and really very, very useful. Personally, Iím never without at least 2 photon Lights on me, but still I was intrigued by the idea of a slightly bigger L.E.D. light that took a more conventional and cheaper variety of battery.

The CMG Infinty L.E.D. Task Light

I would say the Infinity is roughly the same size as a MagLite Solitaire, it is however slightly thicker in diameter to accept an AA battery, rather than the MagLites AAA variety. It comes packaged complete with a handy pocket clip, and also a lanyard which rather then having the ends ties together, has a rather crappy looking black plastic clip. I may very well be missing the point here, but Iíll be making my own regular paracord replacement for that ASAP regardless. Notably there is no battery actually supplied with the light, which is no real big deal, but for the price (approx $20) Iíd of thought some kind of battery couldíve been supplied.

The light turns on and off in the same manner as a Mini MagLite, i.e. you twist the bulb housing. To install/remove/change battery you simply unscrew the bulb housing completely. Itís a pretty simple design, although there is some circuitry in the cap. When I installed the battery the first thing I noticed is the rattle. Thatís right, the battery rattles lose inside of the body of the torch. When you twist the cap and turn the light on, the rattling stops as the bulb housing is holding the battery in place. I solved this minor, yet irritating problem by cutting a small circle out of foam (from my wrist wrest) and then cutting a hole in the center of it. The theory being that the foam would hold the battery in place without the end cap contact having to touch it, but when you tighten the cap to turn the light on, the foam will compress and the contact can be made through the hole in the foam. Just to clarify, I put the foam on top of the battery (the + end) so the raised contact of the battery could poke through the hole in foam when the foam is compressed.

The light is bright, but in my highly unscientific test, Iím fairly sure it isnít as bright as my Photon Lights, however the packaging claims that the task light can run for 41 hours on a single AA battery. I am unable to verify whether this is accurate as I simply havenít had the light long enough to run a battery down.


The Infinity L.E.D. Task Light seems like a useful, solid little light. Itís great that it takes a more standard model of battery, and the pocket clip and lanyard are nice inclusions. Clearly it would be trivial to add a key ring to this light, and stick it on your key chain if thatís your thing.

I wasnít at all impressed with the way the battery rattled, now whether that was just a problem with my light, or if there was a piece missing, I donít know. As I stated above it was easy to sort out, but Iíd imagine it wouldíve been easy for CMG to of included some device to stop the rattle in the first place. It doesnít seem to affect the performance, but it is a little unsettling.

Finally, the Task Light did appear to be a little less bright than my Photon Lights. Whether that is important or not depends on what you want to use the light for. I certainly can find a place for the Task Light in my collection, although not as a direct replacement for the smaller Photon Lights.

Article and pictures by Jay

Don Rearic

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