The SOG Pentagon Elite II

According to SOG’s Website, there were many requests for a folding version of SOG’s Pentagon and Mini Pentagon fixed blades. The result was the Pentagon Elite I and the larger Elite II.

Look at the knife in a Dealer’s case and it looks rather impressive due to the size.

Pick the knife up at the local Dealer and the knife feels impressive, solid, fast in the hand…

You just can’t escape the aura of a huge folder, or as they have been dubbed, Mega-Folders…

Pick up a large fixed blade…that can be impressive. But there is something about the deception involved with having something in your hand in the closed position and with a push of the thumb or flick of the wrist…you have a rather large edged weapon in your hand…


From SOG’s Website:

Pentagon Elite II

Blade Length – 5" x .160"

Overall Length – 10.75"

Weight – 6.8 oz

Steel – AUS8, Rc 57-58

See the Sure-Fire?


If this were any other folding knife, that flashlight would look like a Sure-Fire 6P at a glance… But that is a 9P Sure-Fire from Laser Products, Inc. And this is one huge folding knife. Oh…we already spoke about that, didn’t we?

Well…I’m not much when it comes to intimidation as a defensive reaction. Sure, some people will tuck tail and run at the sight of anything and especially something like the Pentagon Elite II…but you can never bet your life on that. Some people are not terrified of weapons and if all you have is smoke, mirrors and a bluff, they might call that bluff. You better know what you are doing with a blade if you are going to carry one for defensive purposes. Seek competent instruction. Never rely on an intimidating-looking knife. In the final analysis, people intimidate, inanimate objects never do. We have a gut level reaction of "intimidation" when we see a knife like this. The knife does not intimidate, our own imagination intimidates us…think about that…and then think about how things get banned all of the time.

The reason I say this is, I see people buying the aforementioned genre of folding knives known as Mega-Folders and I read all of these posts and threads on various Internet Forums with regard to "intimidating" an attacker with a knife like this. You know what I mean? Goes something like this:

"Hey, well…I don’t know how to use a knife really…I’m hoping that if someone confronted me…that I could pull this _____________ out and snap it open and scare them and they’ll run off…"

You see those serrations? You see the dual, ambidextrous thumbstuds? See the pocket clip?

All those things would hurt a lot when the Trauma Surgeon pulls that knife out of your ass where you played games with someone who doesn’t like to play games and he then stuck it up there sideways, get the picture? It’s an ugly, disturbing picture, but one that had to be painted… You think it is "unprofessional" or "stupid" to say something like that? It’s not half as stupid as thinking everyone is going to be scared of you or any weapon you carry and hardly "unprofessional" to illustrate absurdity with absurdity. Eh?

Now that we have that out of the way…let me say this… If in fact you are attacked and you do produce this knife or one like it and the person who has assaulted you loses heart and turns and runs for his life, that’s a good thing…it’s excellent!

You know, you get to go home with no exposure to potentially infectious bodily fluids, you go home with no Law Enforcement Contact [hopefully] and you get to keep your house, your car, your money and all the good stuff…especially your life. You don’t get maimed, crippled or dead. All of these are very positive things!

But make no mistake…no matter what the blade size or style, if you are going to carry something, you should know how to use it. I see so many people posting nonsense and I wince…they are in for a hard time if they run into someone, who is not so easily impressed, intimidated and scared off.

Remember what I said, weapons are not intimidating, people are. If you do not believe it, consider this…

Hand a woman a kitchen knife with a 7 to 10 inch blade and a piece of steak to cut, etc. Everything is cool…

Produce this knife and snap it open. Guess what happens with most people, men included? They get intimidated.

But it is an irrational fear because they are not scared of the kitchen/butcher’s knife. They are allowing themselves to be intimidated by something…

The Generic Grip


The SOG PE II has a rather generic handle. The antithesis of something like the Spyderco Ayoob Clipit. It’s like comparing a subhilt fixed blade fighter to a Japanese tanto. The SOG PE II is like a tanto when it comes to the grip and the Ayoob Clipit is like a subhilt…no, it’s not a subhilt, it’s "like" one. Let’s not be picky.

Generic and Specific, these traits are neither "good" nor are they "bad." It all depends on what you want in a knife. Some people don’t like to be "told" by their knife what grip they will be most comfortable in. For those people, the PE II would be a better choice than say the Ayoob. For people who like specificity, the Ayoob would be nicer for them.

The grip/body is checkered and it has a very secure feel to it. A non-slip grip. And that is always a desired feature on a knife designed to be used under a variety of harsh conditions.

The PE II has a noticeable swell at the butt of the knife, the pommel area, in thickness, flaring outwards. Nice touch, adds a degree of authority. Other than that, the grip is flared in width, at the pommel and then narrows towards the center than flares out again. Still not so pronounced as to be "specific" in grip. It’s a nice platform, really.

There are grooves to provide some traction on the top and bottom, again, always a nice touch on a knife.

If you are the sort of person that spins or flips knives from forward to reverse and back again, I think you will find this huge knife to be very much in favor of what you like to do!



The clip can be repositioned for left-hand carry. Dual thumbstuds for ambidextrous opening and the Arc Lock is ambidextrous as well. What more needs to be said? Again, it’s like the Ayoob Clipit. You can switch the clip and even though the lock on the Ayoob is not an Arc Lock, it is an ambidextrous lock. The Ayoob has the SpyderHole that’s ambidextrous as well. So, here we have two knives, so radically different from each other but they share some of the same excellent attributes.


The Opening


I do not like thumbstuds. I have never liked them. The first knife I bought with a thumbdisc ruined me. That was an Emerson-designed, Benchmade Produced CQC-7, the second was the Elishiwitz-designed, Benchmade Produced Stryker. I’ve preferred thumbdiscs ever since.

After that, I prefer the SpyderHole, the hole in the blade Patented by Spyderco.

After that, we have the lowly thumbstud. I just don’t like them but many people do and that’s fine. That is one thing that truly is personal preference, really. A lot of people praise crappy knives and scream "personal preference." But a choice in one-hand opening devices truly is personal preference. It really is what works best for your hand, what you get used to… Most people get used to one type of device and they stick with that one. I started out really liking the SpyderHole, and then the thumbdisc took first place. But the thumbstud was never a favorite.

There are other devices, like Emerson’s Wave or Carson’s Flipper, those are cool too, but a bit far from this discussion…

But, as an interesting sidebar…

The SOG PE II is tip up carry, which I prefer…and something interesting happened while practicing draws…I waved this monster open…as in…like Emerson’s Patented Wave Opener, the Remote Pocket Opener…

Some have stated this is why they prefer thumbstuds, because they can twist the knife a bit in the pocket and draw hard and the knife will "Wave" open like an Emerson Waved Folder…

I’ve never been able to do it reliably although I have no doubt that someone could reliably do it if they spent time practicing.

This PE II just begs to be Inertia Snapped. I don’t know if this will void the warranty, if it is hell on this knife, etc. Some say it is abuse, others say it is not… But the PE II snaps open easily and with authority using several different Inertia Openings, even in reverse grip…very well.



The knife is not heavy and will not bog the pocket down. But it is a huge folder. And as such, some will inevitably find it uncomfortable to carry. The clip is very secure and the knife rides well for as big as it is. It begs to be slipped into a JSP-BladeRigger Belt Sleeve for horizontal carry…


The Blade


Again, from SOG’s Website:

"This uniquely flat ground blade is surgically sharp and highlighted with SOG's "shark tooth" tip for reinforced point strength."

I don’t know about "uniquely flat ground," but I do know the tip is radical and very interesting. Is the Shark’s Tooth point stronger than a Spear Point? I just don’t know, it appears to be.

Be warned, however, that because of the way the tip is ground, some Law Enforcement Personnel may consider this knife to be double edged, meaning, a prohibited dirk or dagger.

Yes, I know the terms are used incorrectly all the time, as the Officer will tell you, "You can tell that to the Judge, right here and right now, it’s a dagger as far as I’m concerned…"

I have had conversations with some Law Enforcement Personnel who consider a knife that has a dagger grind, even though the other side is NOT sharpened, they consider it a dagger anyway. Obviously, I think this is stupid.

If you disagree with what I have written, take it up with Legislators and the Police. I’m just reporting what I see. The way the point is ground, it could be problematic for some people as the knife becomes technically double edged. The law does not say, "A knife that is a ‘little’ double edged is OK…"

The Arc Lock


I am one of these people who feels very comfortable with a well made Liner Lock. I’m a big fan of the Spyderco Compression Lock. I can deal with the Lockback folders of Spyderco as well…

I have had some of the new generation of "Super Locks" fail [ two of the same ], I’ve heard of other types failing, no names…not saying anything…this is not a slam to the other locks, so I’m not going there.

I’m not convinced the SOG Arc Lock is even the way to go, really. I’m more than a little cautious after having two folders bend in the middle when they were not supposed to and have heard of others doing so as well…

Yet, personal experience, some people love to beat on folders to show that they are tough much in the same way that people love to break fixed blades and whatnot.

I’ve been toying with this SOG PE II…and it appears to be strong, only time will tell. It’s a cool knife with a lot going for it on many different levels.

Until I return to you either whole or with a finger or two missing, I remain…


Don Rearic


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