By James A. Keating

The Concept

Once in awhile a good idea comes along and I am here to tell you friends that the "SAP CAP" from is the very embodiment of that saying!

If self defense is on your mind and you need something discreet that will fly under the radar of most people's awareness, then do yourself a favor and check this product out. The Sap Cap is a high quality, black colored ball cap with a hidden feature. That feature is a hidden pocket of non-toxic "weight". It's artfully located on the rearward portion of the cap itself. It all blends in, it is invisible to the eye. The weight in the aft portion is what creates the SAP effect. Now, this isn't anything new. Let me explain further.

The term SAP refers to a flexible, weighted impact device. A common sock (stocking) filled with sand is a crude form of sap. The weighted leather - flexible saps are used by some police units even today. The SAP CAP reflects this idea, but in a form less recognizable as an item of defense. And in today's world this aspect is a real plus!

The French had the idea early on, "Le Chapeau" was part of an art and fighting strategy. It involved the use of the large brimmed, floppy leather hats of the era. Combined with sword skills the hat acted to shield, misdirect and confuse the adversary. Early on in my own writings I suspect many of you remember my ball cap (article) with the added feature of three fish hooks protruding from it's top areas. Heh heh, a nasty item that! Heck, helms, helmets and headgear of many varieties have always figured into the cultural combatives of many nations. So my point is that this weighted ball cap isn't so new as it may intially appear and it's certainly a concept that has been tested in combat. I'd like to personally add that YES, from my experience the sap cap does indeed work!


The basic idea behind using the sap cap is very simple. Reach up with one hand, grab the bill of the cap and the swing it off your head toward your intended target. Any number of angles, lines and moves can be incorporated. You've basically got a flexible club in your mitts, use it as such. It can smash, stun and crush. Hands, face, groin become targets of choice - techniques like abanico and redondo become motions of choice. Multiple strikes that hurt and confuse the enemy are the goal with this Sap Cap method, light'em up and then leave, haul ass, escape immediately! In the street fight that IS WINNING man!

The two handed bill-grab method is also very sweet! Powerful and accurate, the good old two handed grab offers you a deadly level of force. Combined with the element of surprise this makes for a wicked way to wail away at some poor SOB who chooses to make you the object of his attention. A bonus aspect is that the hidden weight in the cap also allows for it to be thrown if situations call for such. I've thrown the sap cap, it's not a frisbee, but it does sail well.

Employing the sap cap in the right hand along with a small knife in the left allows for the application of modified espada y daga skills. The sword and dagger methods make for quick understanding of two weapons use. One then takes the general format and modifiy it for the specifics of the new tools to be used and voila! The less than lethal sap cap is now part of a very lethal tactical defense system! Sweet man!

Other Uses

The sap cap is a nice unit. It's range of use goes much further than it's mere combat applications. Let us consider what I have said for a moment. As men we are oft in need of gear that works in many theaters of endeavor. The sap cap will not blow off your head. If you bikers don't have helmet laws where you live, try a sap cap! It stays on! Fishermen too have found use for the heavy headed cap, no more water retrievals needed, even at motorboat speeds. Shooters like the weight, snipers too, why you ask? Simple, the weight helps stabilize them for the same reasons that target rifles have bull barrels. Anyway, as you wear your own sap cap you will discover many things that you can do with it. It also seems to go through security check points un-noticed, you freak-went fliers take notice ya hear? Help has arrived! Heh heh!

My friend Mr. Vladimir Vasiliev ( teaches an effective method of using a ball cap for personal defense in his "IMPROVISED WEAPONS" DVD. I highly recommend this DVD for those of you seeking more on how a ball cap can be employed for personal protection. The Sap Cap is ideal for Vlad's methods because it's made very tough. Strong stitching and fabric, so the Sap Cap has some range to it. I myself have done a segment on the Sap Cap in the DVD called "Impact Weapons" from Shomertec also. If you are creative, there is no end to what you might do with this clever item! Mind you, we are discussing a means of self defense, not a way to whoop ass, kill yer landlord or some other nefarious, psycho bullshit. We as experts are only advocating legitimate defensive purposes with the Sap Cap. Beyond that, any abuse of this "gadget" will no doubt end badly with jail time or worse. Keep the Sap Cap a secret. Don't show it off, to do so is to lose it's practicality. Reasonable behaviour MUST accompany weapon use and ownership at all times. Covert is good, the Sap Cap is covert plus!

With the gift giving season coming up soon the Sap Cap may also be an ideal item to include on your shopping list for that tactical minded outdoors person. Coming in just under twenty five bucks this cap is affordable quality protection. For you weapon buffs, yes indeed pick one up for your collection and rathole it, it's that unique!

Ok, that's enuff from me, thanx for reading and stay sharp and remember to duck !

Jim Keating 10/28/06

Copyright James A. Keating

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