The P.C.-E.D.C.

O.K., so, everyone knows that "P.C." stands for, "Politically Correct," right? Well, for those of you outside of "The Knife World," the letters "E.D.C." stands for, "Every Day Carry." So, this is a little article about my new, PC-EDC! Simple enough, right?

Due to yet another wave of Anti-Knife Hysteria that has swept this country, because of current events...I decided that it would be in my best interest to have a tough as nails folder that is a tad bit more Politically Correct in appearance than my usual EDCs. Know what I mean?

I wanted something that could serve in any role that I demanded, yet, have a rather innocent appearance to anyone who would question it. And, it still had to fit into the basic three areas I demand (and many others do as well) in an EDC. Those would be:

I wanted something that I had coveted for a long, long time. Over five years as a matter of fact. I first read about this knife in the pages of Fighting Knives Magazine (Donít you miss it people? Great Magazine, none other like it, ever...) and I was quite impressed with it.

In my various travels, I had a few opportunities to pick one up. Two Blade Shows in Atlanta where I spoke with the Gentleman that makes them, and still...I never took the plunge. (Iím somewhat of a damned cheapskate at times, honestly...).

I have owned fixed blades from this Fine Craftsman, and I have handled his folders before...but never bought one of his folders.

So, all of this stuff is going on in the country, and I wanted something new that I could carry without someone raining on my sunny days. So...I did some horse-trading and I ended up with a brand new, never used, Large Chris Reeve Sebenza.

Ahh...I can hear the critics now...I can see their little silly comments, I can see their comments about the Benchmade version of the "frame lock," how itís "Just as good" and, "Not overpriced."

Well, the Sebenza is a tad pricey...but, you get what you pay for. Since I did in fact pay for what I traded, I did in fact put out $325.00 for a Sebenza. Technically speaking...

Iím more than pleased, to say the least. This thing is about the toughest folder I have ever owned. I have some criticisms about it, but in general, when you consider the whole package, it is one hell of a knife.

What I donít like about it:

Well, thatís it! My only complaints! What a list, huh? The knife is excellent. My only complaints should be listed in the "Personal Preference" column. As far as fit, finish, appearance and function, this knife is a 100% Winner. It is awesome.

The blade is 3.5 inches and it is stone-washed. This is a rather different stone-wash than I have seen on some Microtechs and other knives. This one is not as "deep and harsh" looking as those. This is rather pleasant actually. When I say "deep," I mean the mottled appearance of stone-washed steel.

Oh, the rest of the blade? What a Winner again, I have the Limited Flat Ground Sebenza. Sharpness? Well, letís just say that it does not shave hair, nor does it "pop" runs off of your arm in fear when the edge is placed on the arm. It is that sharp. So, in other words, it is incredibly sharp and just shaves/pops with ease...I like that in a knife. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is a dull knife. And most certainly one out of the box...which leads us to the next part of the story...

The steel. My favorite steel. First of all, let me say clearly, Iím not a "Steel Snob," or as I refer to them, "Steelheads." I hate to offend, but there is nothing in "The Knife World" that is more boring and irritating than a bunch of wannabe Metallurgists complaining and whining about the newest steel...give it a rest people. I remember when M2 Tool Steel came out and everyone had a fire lit under their ass buying up knives that featured it. Nothing like a knife that holds an edge for as long as M2. And nothing more absolutely discouraging and disgusting as when you have to sharpen the damned thing. There has to be a trade-off.

I will trade some edge retention for ease of sharpening every time. I donít mind properly heat-treated ATS-34/154-CM (Hitachi and Crucible, respectively). I think it is a fine steel for knives, holds an edge rather well and is relatively easy to sharpen too.

The Sebenza, this puppy has what might be the ultimate steel as far as Iím concerned, that can be used in a knife. BG-42. Do the "Critics" have anything bad to say? Well, I hope not.

The Handle/Frame/Lock is made out of Titanium. Well, that says it all really. It is beefy, robust is the, itís beefy. Seriously, if this knife fails, I donít know what the hell you would be doing to make it fail.

The opening is silky, glass-smooth and the lock up is secure and confident. With a massive piece of Titanium against the blade, it is hard to imagine what would cause this knife to fail.

The knife is superb, period. Iím more than happy and more than impressed. When I need something that is tough as nails and more "PC," this along with my ever present SAK Swiss Champ (My favorite Swiss Army Knife) really fits the bill.

I donít think it would be fair to evaluate this knife as a "Defensive Folder" as it was not intended to be one. However, I will say this. It is comfortable in forward and reverse grips, edge up or down, edge in or out. Comfortable in the hand in whatever position you want.

Don Rearic

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