JSP-BladeRigger Omega Wallet/Checkbook

In the beginning of what would be John Wayne’s last movie, "The Shootist," we see Wayne tall in the saddle as he always was. A beautiful mountain range in the background…

A scraggly voice croaks…

"You hold it right there…gimme your wallet."

John Wayne as J.B. Books says, "Take it a little easy with that cannon, Mister."

The croaker says, "Just throw me your wallet…"

John Wayne says, "Yes Sir, a little somethin’ extra…"

BOOM, a Derringer erupts from this large, checkbook-sized wallet Wayne extracted from his coat. John Wayne having reached into the left side of his coat and drawing the wallet and Derringer simultaneously, flinging the wallet at the croaker and blasting him in the gut.

The croaker says, "You done murdered me…"

Wayne says, "No, but you’re gonna have a long winter bellyache ya boob…gimme that wallet…"

As Wayne is talking, he drops the Derringer into his right coat pocket and we see the croaker scrambling and crawling towards the wallet and his shotgun he dropped when he was gutshot…

Another shot is fired and the shotgun does a little scoot away from the croaker’s hands…Wayne has a sixgun in his hand now…

Wayne adds sternly, "just the wallet…"

The croaker is still croaking and starts to whine… "I can hardly move, you done shot a hole in my stomach…"

Wayne is gracious as the croaker brings him his wallet and hands it to him… "I appreciate that…"

The croaker is whining again…"You ain’t gonna leave me here…"

Wayne comes to a conclusion that many cannot fathom… "Well it’s quite obvious that’s what you were gonna do to me…get outta the way…"

Wayne pushes him off into a little stream, it’s winter…I love John Wayne.

Wayne looks back over his shoulder as he starts to ride off…

"Mister, you better find yourself another line of work, this one sure don’t fit your pistol…"

I can hear the groans now; "Rearic thinks he’s John Wayne…or wants us to be…"

No, not at all. Although I do profess a weakness for vintage John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies…they always seemed to have a good message for the most part and are a part of Classic Americana now.

The soundtrack is wonderful in this movie. What do we get now? Hip-Hop thumping with retarded rhymes about killing innocent people, raping women, doing drugs and a bunch of mindless violence from heroes who are criminals instead of good people…

I’ll take John Wayne.

It used to be an accepted American Standard that you had a right to Self-defense and the above exchange in that movie would be seen as perfectly justifiable. Now, we accept any sort of criminality we can, we embrace it if not celebrate it.

No, not you or I, but enough Americans do…it’s more than entertainment…it’s a way of life now for many Americans.

Enough of the social commentary, it’s something I like to place in a lot of my writings. Clarity.

What’s this thing?

It’s a wallet! No, wait a minute…"there’s a little somethin’ extra…"

At a glance, this looks like a checkbook, and it can be. Turn it over and it looks like a checkbook with a moneyclip. It is that as well if you wish it so. More than that, it is a large wallet, the type that used to be quite popular with men years ago.

This one being a much more secure version with a small, Fastex-type of two-piece buckle to keep it closed.

A closer inspection of the "moneyclip" reveals that the clip is attached to something other than the wallet itself. It is attached to a knife, cleverly concealed within the body of the wallet.

The Wallet

Now that we have the outside appearance of the entire unit out of the way, let me describe the wallet to you.

The wallet is made out of tough Cordura Nylon and the stitching is excellent throughout, as it is with any JSP-BladeRigger Product. The overall construction of the wallet, in a word, is tough. The material is strong and the construction is as well. All great points.

You can really pack this wallet if you so desire. The strap attached to the aforementioned Fastex-type; two-piece buckle is adjustable by the strap attached to it. There is a Velcro patch that you can adjust which adjusts the length of the strap. Nice touch.

This buckle is not like a regular Fastex where you squeeze both sides, with this type, you press down. It is very secure.

On the side of the wallet that does not contain the knife, there are four pockets. One a credit size pocket and then three larger ones, two of which are the same size.

Then, there is a centerpiece that has a full-length pocket on each side, these are generally bill-size. This centerpiece is removable in case you have no need for it.

Then on the side that contains the knife, there are two full-length pockets as well. There is a lot of room for everything in this wallet, examine the pictures.

The knife rides in a specially constructed portion of the wallet with a plastic liner. The clip, which is attached to the knife, retains the knife securely inside the wallet.

The Knife

The Omega III Blade Style: Hook-Curved

The knife will look simple to some folks, but there was a whole lot of thought put into this little fixed blade.

When you use smallish knives, the grip becomes that much more important. It must be secure as there is little in the way of handle/grip. That means, if something happens, there is little room for error.

I see all sorts of people who love diminutive knives, primarily for neck carry, and most of these knives…how else can I say it? Most of them suck. Understand, I’m not just pushing JSP-BladeRigger, I have my own favorites when it comes to small fixed blades, as you can tell from other articles I have written on my site.

I love the Fred Perrin LaGriffe and the Emerson Production LaGriffe designed by Mr. Perrin. It is rock solid in the hand and becomes an extension of the hand. In the future, Spyderco might produce another Fred Perrin Design, a type of neck knife that looks quite promising as well. A wave of genius in a sea of mediocrity.

The little Omega III Hook Blade from JSP-BladeRigger locks in the hand extremely well and is very secure. It has excellent ergonomics without having the index finger hole the LaGriffe is famous for. It has a deep integral guard that performs the same function as the index finger hole in the LaGriffe.

This integral guard in the form of a deep finger notch combined with the gentle arc on the back of the knife make it more secure and comfortable than even the pictures would hint at. The pictures cannot show you how good this knife feels in the hand.

It’s great to see secure, small fixed blades because so many of them are not secure at all, unless you want to use them for reverse grip and you thumbcap them, which is great until you realize that neck carry does not work very well for a reverse grip draw.

But…this is not a neck knife we are speaking about. Although there are plans to offer a neck sheath in the future that these knives will fit into for added versatility.

This knife is completely de-horned. A little term from The Gun World. It means there are no sharp edges to cause discomfort in the hand. Everything has been finished perfectly and the only sharp edge on this knife is where it is supposed to be sharp…right on the edge.

The Cutter, The Talon

Blades with some degree of curvature, such as the Emerson LaGriffe, cut and slash like no other for their size. We are speaking about small blades.

The Emerson LaGriffe is chisel ground and without getting into a lengthy debate as to why I don’t think the grind makes much difference on a defensive knife of this size…let me just say that the Omega III is double ground. That is, not chisel ground, it is ground on both sides.

The claws of an animal face inward, they pull and they rend flesh as they do this action. They cut and tear. These sorts of hawkbill-types of knives are absolutely aggressive cutting implements.

I know the debate will rage forever, but the simple fact of the matter is, if you are going to focus on cutting as opposed to thrusting and you are going to use a small knife to do so…small curved blades have an advantage in my opinion. They are that aggressive.

Some people do not like the Emerson LaGriffe because it is chisel ground. I don’t think it makes a difference and I think it’s just personal preference in a knife this size. But to those that would never own a LaGriffe because it is chisel ground…welcome home.

The Concept

The basic concept is, the fastest draw is to already have the weapon in your hand.

Most assaults are going to be in close quarters and in low levels of light. Criminals do not rob people from across the street.

These blades are small and they are black powder-coated. That means they are very hard to see in low levels of light, the combination of small size and darkness makes for near invisibility.

The basic idea is, have something in your hand. Make it inconspicuous. What is more "natural" than seeing someone with their checkbook or wallet in their hand walking up the sidewalk to the ATM? What about a Lady exiting the supermarket with her purse and just the top of this wallet/checkbook sticking out, but carried in a manner that it cannot be easily taken…but just the sight of it…how many times have you witnessed that while shopping? I have…a lot.

At times when you are about to access or have just accessed your wallet or checkbook, these are prime times to be robbed. This is also the time when you can have something in your hand that is not only your wallet or checkbook, it is a first response to an assault.

If you carry this Omega correctly, if someone grabs the wallet and pulls it from your hand, you are left with the knife already in a grip and ready to use. Or if they ask you for it, you can pull the wallet off of the knife while retaining the knife…you can use varying degrees of blading yourself to the attacker to conceal the blade in various ways. It is really beyond the scope of a review to even attempt to teach you all of these things.

Personal experimentation is in order here for you to truly see the possibilities of this sort of System.

It is a very simple thing to carry this wallet with the index finger of your hand curled around the clip that retains the knife in the wallet. Your index finger forms a hook that is secure and if the wallet is removed from your hands or if you remove it to draw it, the result is the same, you now have a knife in your hand.

You will notice in the picture below – the blue circle – this is the hooking of the clip by the index finger I am speaking about.

The index finger curls around the clip and the thumb secures the other side of the wallet and this forms a pinch grip on the wallet.

The Clip

The clip itself is a testament to James Piorek of JSP-BladeRigger continuing to deliver the best product he can. I do not know what "Generation" of clip this is, but if you take a look at my JSP Credit Card Blade and Wallet, you will see one of the original clips.

The newer clips on the Omega Series has a much more "friendly" clip, in that, it has a lower profile. It has matured as a concept, refinement. It also has a type of "rubberized" coating that has a slightly tacky feel to it, which is excellent.

You must also be careful when re-sheathing this knife. You must lift up on the clip just a bit and ease the knife back into the plastic liner. Not paying attention could cause a problem, obviously.

Pay attention to what you are doing and there will not be a problem at all...


Now we have to get this out of the way, the spoiler. In many places, carrying the JSP Omega would be illegal.

There is a little gray area here…in some States; you can carry a sheathed fixed blade in the open as long as you are not threatening anyone with it.

If you had this in your hand and you are not waving it around, it is sheathed and not concealed on your person. Although the design itself is concealed/disguised.

Some would say that fits the requirement for NOT concealing the weapon, others would say it makes no difference as the design itself makes the knife appear to be something else or conceals it, etc.

It’s a shame we have to have such discussions nowadays, but we do. Carry at your own risk, it is your decision.

I believe California has banned "Disguised Weapons," things like Lipstick Tubes and Hairbrushes that conceal knives. Carry at your own risk. The People’s Republik of Kalifornia would probably consider this a felony to carry on your person.

Remember, we speak a lot about the defensive use of edged weapons, but the simple fact of the matter is, there is a great utility in having a knife. Just as a tool and nothing more. We are intelligent beings, we are supposed to create things with tools and to extract ourselves from various emergencies with tools. Unfortunately, increasingly, the tools are denied us.

Interested in owning one of these Omega 3s? Click on the E-mail link.

Don Rearic


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