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"Summon that junkyard bitch within and blast through your targets, don't be Ladylike or apologetic. Be fierce, be furious."


- Melissa Soalt a/k/a “Dr. Ruthless”â



(I know the "junkyard bitch" comment sounds politically incorrect and it might be abrasive to some women, but this Lady knows what she is talking about. It is that mindset that will save you more than the "touchy-feely" nonsense that is so often sold to women for Self-protection. This is a perfect example of "symbolism over substance." While some people cater to the sensitivities of women, they carry it out to the point of handicapping women by claiming that such statements are "degrading" to women. This woman is the ONLY female Self-defense Instructor who would appear on my television for my Wife to view. It's that simple. What she offers is realistic Self-defense for women. You can accept reality and carry on and be safer, or wallow in empty, feel-good feminism with wristlocks or “Weekend Boxing Seminars” and other things and be less safe. It's your choice. I will tell you straight up, I have never seen Self-defense Material marketed to Women better than this or even approaching it. In both quality and realism.)


"You are no more armed because you are wearing a pistol than you are a musician because you own a guitar." 


- Jeff Cooper


(This is absolutely brilliant! And it applies to far more than Martial endeavors as well. It’s about an honest self-assessment more than anything. It applies to ASP Batons, Edged Weapons and even O.C. Pepper Spray. All of the things marketed for Self-defense that are carried with the “Talisman Mindset” that the mere presence of a device…will save you when you need it most.)


“When all you have is a hammer, all of your problems look like nails.”


- Tuhon Bill McGrath of Pekiti-Tirsia


(I know Mr. McGrath did not coin the phrase, but he used it and it is on the money. This also speaks to the mindset of many people in the Martial Arts and even in the “Gun Realm.” You see Firearms Advocates who insist they do not need other, lesser weapons or empty handed skills for Self-defense. They see all problems as “nails” that will be dealt with by their “hammer.” You see this when people take X Martial Art and they try to make that Martial Art fit into too many situations. This is how certain Martial Arts “invent” suicidal knife defenses. What I mean by that is, when you ask a Grappler, “What is the best unarmed knife defense?” They usually cite the “hammer” of Grappling. Ask a TKD guy, they might advocate kicking…get the idea?)


“More than one, get a gun.”


- Rorion Gracie


(Very true, excellent, realistic mindset. Too bad so many people that are diehard fans of the Gracies and BJJ cite it but don’t understand it or live it.)


“Those who hesitate, meditate, in the horizontal position…forever.”


- Grandmaster Ed Parker


(This quote has also been attributed to Elvis Presley, student and friend of Ed Parker. It is unclear, I think Elvis was quoting Ed Parker. It is, once again, an extreme mindset but in a world of extreme attackers… One needs to have an extreme mindset. This carries over to another favorite quote… “He who hesitates is lost.”)


" efficient in close quarters. Don't make a plan of biting...that is a very good way to lose your teeth."


- Bruce Lee to James Franciscus in "Longstreet."


(In the second episode of "Longstreet," which aired on September 16, 1971 and was titled, "The Way of The Intercepting Fist," in this show, Actor James Franciscus played an insurance investigator who was blinded by an explosion, the explosion of a bomb meant to kill him. He turns to an Antique Dealer played by Bruce Lee, to teach him how to defend himself. He is choking Mr. Franciscus and asks him how he will escape the choke. Then informs him to bite. Mr. Franciscus is skeptical. Bruce Lee reminds him, "Aren't we all animals?" This is a wonderful piece of Bruce Lee's Fighting he passed on a simple concept with the admonition that you should not be known to be a biter, or you would have people ready to knock your teeth out...real fighting.)



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