The Jones Brothers Impact Tool


A Modern Yawara Stick…also known as, “The Garolite Party Favor.”

OK, it’s not known as The Garolite Party Favor, however, most of the Jones Brothers, shall we say…exotic impact tools…are nicknamed “Party Favors” and some of them, like this Impact Tool, are made out of a substance known as Garolite. 

Well, if you think the Yawara Stick is effective, wait until you see this! Streamline a Yawara Stick a little bit and add a two-finger loop and you have what I refer to as a Koppo Stick. The Yawara, Koppo and all variants are as effective as they are simple.

This Impact Tool has some more complicated lines, it’s not a pocket stick, it’s something else. It’s flat and the back of it resembles the bottom of a rocking chair’s “legs.” Intrigued? Read on…

The simple pocket stick has three striking portions – both ends and the middle when used with an open handed chin jab, etc. So, you have three basic movements. Hammerfist, reverse hammerfist and a palm heel or chin jab movement.

You can punch with the stick in your hand, just using it as a reinforcer – fistload, but with no projection to increase damage, just your knuckles.

What if you had the projection and it was an effective one?

Enter The Jones Brothers Impact Tool.

A Blunt Arrowhead

This projection off of the front of this knife is a terror. If you get hit with this thing it is going to break something after it absolutely smashes through the flesh covering the bone. The thought of being hit with it should make you shiver. This is but one striking point on this tool and it is an effective one.

Unless you have spent a lifetime conditioning your knuckles as the old Karateka once did, you are not going to find a more vicious striking surface than this. Well, yeah, you could, purpose-built “knuckledusters” and brass (and other) metal knuckles, tekko – these things could be more vicious but they also spread the impact/power of the blow over a slightly larger area where this arrowhead will focus it – intensely…

The comparison to the Comtech Stinger is inevitable, I did not want to mention it because I really think the Stinger is an excellent Self-defense implement and I did not want to take anything away from that. Then I thought about it a bit more and have come to the conclusion that the Stinger fits in a niche that the Jones Bros. Impact Tool does not and the opposite of that is also true. The Stinger, if placed in a high-quality Kydex sheath, can be pinned or worn with a ball chain or piece of ParaCord very easily, as it is much smaller than this particular Impact Tool. The Stinger is basically so light and small that you can basically forget about it if you have a good sheath made for it and you carry it around the neck or on your keys.

However, this blunt arrowhead type of projection on the Jones Bros. I-Tool is going to penetrate even more and possibly damage more. It is going to hit harder because it has even more stability in the hand because of the size and shape of it. (Rocking Chair back – braced in the hand, etc.)

This becomes very important when you are talking about smaller people who do not hit as hard and have smaller hands. Perhaps the Jones Brothers will make a slightly smaller version in the future for people with really small hands. I think that would be a great idea for them to pursue.

The lines are pleasing to the eye and fit my mongo-meat-muppet hand like a glove that was made for me. I hear the same reports from everyone else. Talk about a generic fit that really fits everyone. Look at the very first picture in this article, that rather strange picture of this Impact Tool is in my Wife’s hands, notice how the arrowhead comes out perfectly…this is a really well-designed piece of gear.

Two Hammers (Primary)

Is there anything more “gross motor” than a simple hammerfist? Curling your fingers inward tightly from the pinky to the index finger, make your hand like a rock. Take that hammerfist and pound on a Yellow Pages (phonebook) for a bit. There is a lot of power there and you’re less likely to break your wrist or anything else if you are a novice.

The hammerfist is an incredibly powerful, natural weapon that we all possess. The bottom (pinky side) of the clenched fist will really rattle someone’s cage. If you take a petite woman who weighs 95 to 110 pounds and you started her out with a little weight training and taught her well – she would be able to hit very hard with a hammerfist. I’m not saying FRAIL women, I’m talking about making them strong and teaching them. Not body builder strong, just strong. If you did that, they could really bust a male attacker up that is much larger than they are. It takes time and some training and it takes a belly full of anger and a deliberate choice not to be a victim. Where have we heard this before? (NRA, there, I told you…)

You can go from a hands-up (hold-up) position to dropping that hand and clenching the fist in an instant with no problem whatsoever and this will bust someone up – bang, right in the face or the side of the head.

With ANY projection out of the bottom of the fist, in my opinion, you have a wide spectrum of possibilities. If you hit someone in the side of the head, you could kill them with such a projection. It is such a concentration of force. (SO, please understand that I cannot accept any responsibility if you do something like this on purpose or by accident, whatever happens, you are responsible for your own actions, I am just telling you what could happen.)

That very same, intense concentration of power, can be a great aid when you are striking other areas of the body. There are many (Self-defense) incidents that do not call for lethal force. You can strike down onto the nape of the neck with this projection sticking out of the bottom of your hand and cause (probably) total dysfunction of the limb on that side.

If grabbed from behind, you do not have TIME to do something fancy because the person behind you, their intent is NOT to hug you, their intent is to crash your body (and specifically your head and face) into something harder than you are to damage you. So…how do you defeat that sort of thing? Do you spend years in a martial art that demands that you do something fancy? Or do you simply place the projection sticking out of the bottom of your hand on the back of their hand(s) in front of you (they’re bear-hugging you, remember?) and do the classic “Shake & Break?” Then, as if you had a knife in reverse grip, you slam that same projection (sticking out of the bottom of your hand) into the top of their thigh or into the groin – what I like to refer to as, “Setting the Emergency Brake.”  That is what the motion is like, as if you were setting the Emergency Brake in a car that has that Brake Handle located between two front bucket seats in the car…slam it and jack it upwards…

Works great with edged weapons and it will work with this weapon as well. You should seek out Universal Methods and Principals that drive weapons instead of categorizing movements to such a degree that your mind is in a haze when you have to make a decision in a split second. There is no reason (other than for an Instructor to make a lot of money) to have a whole set of movements for a knife, and then a different set of movements for a stick. And yet another set of movements for a pocket stick or some device like this tool. It is not necessary for effective Self-defense and can actually be detrimental.

Another Hammer (Secondary)

This might be called something else depending on the martial art you have studied. We simply called it a Reverse Hammerfist because that is exactly what it was.

Clench your fist. You can strike with the knuckles or the bottom of the fist as we discussed above – The Hammerfist. Striking with the TOP of the clenched fist on the thumb side was a Reverse Hammerfist. This just adds another movement/weapon where it is needed. If the fist is in a position to cause immediate damage, you use it.

It is not as effective as a regular Hammerfist in my opinion. And, it takes a lot longer to develop this weapon through conditioning so you can really use it when it counts without worrying about destroying your hand, etc. But when you place some sort of projection sticking out of that side of the clenched fist, it magically becomes very powerful, even for a novice!

One of the “classic” positions to utilize the Reverse Hammerfist is when you are in a front headlock, you strike upwards into the groin with it. (Almost as if you are serving a volleyball but with one hand/arm instead of two.) If there is a projection of metal or some sort of synthetic material that is hard sticking out of that end of the fist, the damage is increased greatly as we discussed up above. So, any sort of Yawara Stick or Yawara-like device that has these two projections means that everything is viable and powerful.

For the novice, the Reverse Hammerfist is basically only viable when used against softer targets like the groin and solar plexus. When there is a solid projection sticking out of the upper portion of the clenched fist – all of the sudden, you have something that eliminates the possibility of damage that can happen to the bare hand and you can strike bony targets with great effect.

Three Striking Areas

So, when you put these three striking surfaces together, you have a very effective package. Basically, any way you hit with this tool, it is going to cause some damage. The most rudimentary schooling in hand to hand combat in tandem with this tool will turn almost anyone into a hard-hitter. (Traditional Martial Artists need to stop listening to those who apparently sniff too much incense and feed them nonsense in class, learn how to hit non-telegraphically. Forget all of that other crap about warning people by taking stances, etc., etc., etc.)

You are encouraged, should you purchase one of these tools, to start striking a heavy bag with it, find those combinations that seem most comfortable to you – speed and power – and then develop your own methods with these three striking methods.

In the picture above, that is a reminder to not carry these sorts of things anywhere you are not supposed to. It’s quite likely that this tool would look like this on X-ray, SO…DON’T DO IT! You like institutional food and handcuffs?

The picture above shows the “arrowhead” as the #1 or Primary striking area. That would be for someone who is skilled at punching. #2 would be the hammerfist and #3 the reverse hammerfist. Personally, I am a hammerfist/bottom of the hand kind of guy more than punching, but the “arrowhead” projection on this tool is quite effective.

Easy Carry

You could attach a keyring and use it for a very effective, but a tad bit large, keychain defense unit.

You could have a special Kydex or Concealex sheath made for one of these tools (and that would be cool!), or you can simply carry this in the pocket.

Or, as my Wife discovered, in the “whatever you call it” on the back of Lee and similar jeans…the leather patch on some jeans that you can thread the belt through if you choose…you can carry this (and other things) there as well. After we experimented with it for a while, it was secure and not uncomfortable. It’s just an idea that came up while shooting pictures for this article and playing around with it.

More Stuff

I have seen some of the other prototypes for various Impact Tools and Control Devices that Barry and Phillip have been developing. They really have a good line of thought going in this area and I suggest you check their products out – all handcrafted with amazing attention to detail. The first generation of this particular impact tool was quite interesting but rather blocky, as The Jones Brothers refined it, it became much more comfortable and effective – more powerful as well. They refined it not only through their own creativity and knowledge base, but also from practical feedback from their customer (not me in this case).

Another Impact Tool Barry sent me a picture of (I have not held one, but I can tell from the picture…) is a “Wave” like Impact Tool, it looks sort of like a rough sea/ocean in profile, almost a flattened out “S” shape. It looks awesome!

Get in touch with The Jones Brothers, this one really rocks and it is much easier on the hand then some of the other keychain devices marketed for Self-defense.


Don Rearic


copyright 2004 DonRearic.Com

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