Defending yourself in Britain



…Or anywhere else where you have been disarmed of anything likely to be purpose-built and effective for Self-defense. (This also applies to my Canadian and Australian Friends who have come under the legislative crush in the past. Whole new waves of Legislation will inevitably be passed in the future with each wave of nonsense being heavier and heavier, more and more oppressive with the direct design of total Civilian Disarmament.)


First of all, please realize that if you carry a knife in The United Kingdom for Self-preservation, it is quite likely that you will be going to prison if you are caught. Yes, the Authorities will sentence you to be incarcerated with the very same people you seek to defend yourself from. Horrible, isn’t it? Well, sometimes, you have to play the cards life deals you and that’s that. It seems that some of the authorities believe that only those with certain status, people who have gotten a degree from a military university or active-duty soldiers should be able to use proper self defense items used in a just manner.


Look at these two nice posters below, you will notice that they are targeting “youth gangs.” But the warning applies to everyone in the Country.



First of all, I would strongly suggest that you purchase one of your Fellow Countryman’s excellent Self-defense books. That being, “Get Tough!” by then Captain William Fairbairn.


Secondly, begin to cultivate a certain mindset. You must be prepared to attack the attacker, especially in cases where someone who has a weapon confronts you. Or perhaps multiple assailants.


Do not have a “Defensive” mindset even though what you are doing is “Self-defense.” Have that Offensive mindset in order to gain the upper hand against someone who is mentally/emotionally disturbed, intoxicated on alcohol or drugs, armed or has associates who will help them beat you down.


Third, cultivate a parallel mindset to where everything around you becomes a weapon of opportunity. Learn about Improvised and Expedient Weapons.


An Improvised Weapon is something you fashion to defend yourself with, or you carry, and the item in question has a totally innocuous appearance to the untrained eye but is suitable for Self-defense purpose because of unique attributes and material strength. Items such as sturdy writing instruments and pocket flashlights (torches) could be 100% legal, easily carried Self-defense items.


An Expedient Weapon is something that you train yourself to immediately recognize as having attributes and material strength suitable to defend yourself with at a glance…a moment’s notice. Such as a drinking mug or glass in a restaurant…or perhaps a glass ashtray lying on a table.


Please understand that a simple Self-defense Keychain like a Kubotan will land you in jail in Britain. I refuse to tell you what to carry or what not to carry as your life is your own and I respect that. I am just warning you of the reality where you live. Likewise, a simple pocketknife could land you in prison for quite some time.



If you wish to stay as legal as you can under the current Laws in your country, do not carry things you are not supposed to. Instead, cultivate the mindset of not being a victim and of using anything you can get your hands on, as well as carrying things that are suitable for Self-defense but serve another purpose like lighting your night walks to your car or writing a letter, etc.


If you do not think a very sturdy and well-built writing instrument or pocket flashlight can hurt you, I offer you the following challenge. Place your hand on your desk and smash it with one of these items!



Get the idea? You don’t have to kill in order to survive; Self-defense is never, ever about… “KILL KILL KILL!!!” It is about survival.



Disabled People



If you have some degree of disability, to the point you have to use a Walking Cane to get around, you might want to consider a very tough and stout Cane from a Company like Canemasters. I have two of their Canes and I find them to be excellent Defensive Weapons. You should inform them when you order to leave their Logo off of the Cane so it does not draw any more unwanted attention to you, before or after you use it.


Do not even contemplate carrying something like a Sword-Cane, a Cane with a Sword or some other weapon concealed inside of it. Once again, you will be taken to task for that legally. They are far more trouble than they are worth at this point in time…


I do strongly recommend Canemasters Canes, however. They are excellent and if you can carry one without drawing attention, they are awesome Self-defense weapons.


Let there be light


I mentioned Flashlights being used as Pocket Sticks (Striking Implement/Impact Weapon) for Self-defense. This is an excellent idea for ANYONE, not just those people in the world coming under the crush of weapons prohibitions. It works for everyone!



Some flashlights like Sure-Fire Flashlights from Laser Products, Inc. are expensive, but they are so effective at temporarily blinding an attacker that they cannot and should not be ignored.


If you can Flash & Smash the attacker, by blinding him temporarily and then kicking him multiple times in the shins and knees to disable him so he cannot chase you down and kill you, I think that is the way to go as well.


This is really attractive in Low Light Conditions which a lot of attacks are carried out in. If you do not even use the flashlight to strike with, but use it to blind the attacker temporarily and you then use your natural weapons to defend yourself… The Authorities will have to do something they do not want to do which is come out and say, “Now Unarmed Self-defense is illegal, have a nice day…”


Something terrible


I find it horrible and absurd that good, honest people have to be put into the position of being victimized by a criminal or their Government, or both of these entities…one after the other. A Government which is supposed to be benevolent and looking out for them instead of making them victims.


Unfortunately, when they take steps to ban everything yet are not so bold as to come right out and suggest that you cannot defend yourself at all… And given the reality that if you use anything at all as a weapon to defend yourself you might be charged with carrying an “Offensive Weapon” anyway… You might want to consider leaving the scene of the fight altogether without notifying the Police if you are attacked by a criminal.


I don’t advocate breaking the law or taking the law into your own hands, but I do urge you to contemplate the reality of your situation and make an educated, logical decision as to what is in your best interest. If the Government is going to allow the criminal element to have a crack at you and then they are going to punish you for simply wanting to LIVE, what else are you supposed to do? Just become another maimed or crippled victim? Or perhaps allow them to deprive your family of their loved one by killing you?


Life is sometimes hard, we all know that, but this is so painful to write about, I feel only sorrow for my Friends in these Countries where the Governments have taken these horrid, Draconian Steps to victimize their own People.



Don Rearic


copyright DonRearic.Com


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