You might have noticed the incredible illustration at the top of my Links Page, here it is!

There is a rather interesting story behind that "painting." I'm not going to go into the interesting story of the original painting because you can read about that on sites like Wikipedia. I'm talking about what I did with it and why I did what I did.

Okay, what is the power of the Internet? Learning and Obtaining. You learn about something, a skill or a piece of gear, then you obtain it. The exchange of ideas and information. Without these things, the Internet would have never become what it is today. A beautiful mess!

I consider a good links page on a website to be a Horn of Plenty, a Cornucopia. Not to be confused with the Black Sabbath song off of their Volume 4 album. A few years ago when I was doing my Autumnal update, I was thinking, "what could be more Autumnal than a Cornucopia?" I thought back to elementary school, the illustrations they would tape up on the walls all over the place. A Pilgrim here, a punkin (not a typo, it's a PUNKIN!) there...a Cornucopia with grapes, apples and other goodies spilling out of it...

The Horn of Plenty has "Autumn" written all over it, from the dying days of Summer through the Trick or Treat perils of late October until you get to Thanksgiving with all sorts of delights spilling out all over the dining room table.

So, it was my love of Autumn that led me to using that illustration. It was in the Public Domain, having been used by the government. But it took me days to get rid of all of the writing on it that I didn't want! I'm not a computer wiz, it took DAYS! Sitting, wanting to scream, in a MS Paint window, and it's still not perfect but I think I would have to have OCD in order to get it perfect. I got to the point where I was going to start muttering to myself like DiCaprio portrayed Howard Hughes in, "The Aviator."

This is how that illustration started out life...

Pretty cool!



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