The Bayou Back-up


By: “SouthNarc”



For some time I've wanted to design a fixed blade knife. Specifically, a dedicated "Pikal" knife. “Pikal” means “to rip” in Visayan, and describes a point-down, edge-in methodology, most prolific in Pekiti-Tirsia (of which I was student of for several years) and Sayoc Kali. I personally favor this methodology for short bladed knives.



So with Frontsight's (You can see an article by “FrontSight” on this website as well…) help on Auto-CAD and her CNC machine skills I've designed a dedicated Pikal knife. This is not for anything other than stabbing someone over and over with and warrants a specific application; i.e. point down, edge in. It is not a kerambit, though it has kerambit like features. It is for thrusting and the hook is just a little lagniappe, not the emphasis.     


What follows is a breakdown of the pictures below…



I thrust with a #2 (backhand, downward) and he catches it.


I'll pull his arm to me which shears it nicely since the edge is in, and hit him with a palm strike. 


Step into him, sweeping the arm back and out of the way, hugging him to you, and thrust to the abdomen.           


I thrust on a #1 and he catches it.      


I'll hook it down and outwards, which again shears it and clears my thrust line. I want to bury it in him, over and over, and clear away anything that interrupts my ratcheting. I'll probably eye jab him at this point also.


Back to my thrust. 



Continuing on with the next sequence in picture 2…


I thrust on a #2 and he catches it again.


Double-edged, sharpened inner edge on the hook, which I use now. On a single- edged knife, edge out, he gets slashed. With the little hook, the biceps gets picked up and torn through. This is just incidental, not primary.         


As I tear through the biceps, I'll boost his arm and rechamber.   


Then I'll step in and stab him in the kidney.           


Hooking on the inside of a punch (pallasoot), edge in.         


Hooking down and to my right. I can boost and stab the kidney as before...         


Continuing on with the next sequence in picture 3…



...or rip upwards and hook the meat of his forearm. Watch getting it caught in bone. That's why I didn't want the hook too curved.    


He punches, I jam, crash and stab on mid-line         


Follow the midline thrust with a lowline thrust to the femoral.         


Then rip upwards, hooking his frank and beans.           


Arms entangled in the fight.         


Backhand thrust into the neck, though I can't do that here so I've just hooked and pulled downward (classic Puter Kapala).        



Continuing from the last sequence…


Kapala into knee strike with arm control. Even just hooking, remember that the edge is facing in.    


After the knee strike, continuing passing into head and arm control with the off hand. You can't see it but I have a nice bar choke here with my wrist.


Now start working those kidneys again.




This wasn't meant as a tutorial, but to give everyone a little taste of Pikal methodology and to illustrate why I designed the knife the way I did, and how I would use it. It's very aggressive. It's not duelist but assaultive and up close.




And now a lengthy and involved statement and disclaimer…


I have been reluctant to place anything on my Website with regard to straight out – use of a Tactical Edged Weapon for Self-defense for many reasons. None of them selfish or elitist, but all solid and logical.


First of all, I think if you are being attacked, it does not make much difference what you use as long as you were legally justified in defending yourself with the item at hand to begin with. You have to be justified from the start or you’re going to find yourself in a lot of trouble. More trouble than a pocketknife or some other item can get you out of…


Because of the extreme nature of these topics and the social issues involved, I have to state the obvious. Because, unfortunately, some things that should be obvious to most people are not obvious at all.


This is not about murdering people. This is about lifesaving skills; this is about going home – hopefully with minimal injuries – when someone has criminally and savagely attacked you in the street.


I keep flashing back to the Classic example of how a Tactical Edged Weapon in skilled or even semi-skilled hands could have saved someone a lot of grief. That person is Reginald Denny. Remember during the now famous “Rodney King Riots” in L.A. how these thugs (And that’s what they were, thugs…watch the tape.) pulled this totally innocent man from his vehicle and started beating on him and breaking bricks on his head? I also remember Mr. Denny on some talk show saying that his Doctors, to this day, have to closely monitor him for any infections in his sinuses as a simple sinus infection could be fatal to him, so extensive were his injuries.


This is the sort of situation you might face on the street. This was a high-profile case of multiple attackers armed with expedient bludgeons swamping a victim and pummeling him. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is an anomaly, this sort of thing happens every day in The United States. There are no TV News camera crews on the ground or in the air when they happen, but they do happen. The exact circumstances change and the names change, but the phenomenon is still with us and probably always will be with us.


Pay no attention to the fact that the one person in these photo sequences is only armed with his fists. It does not matter; it could be a knife in his hand, screwdriver, boxcutter, broken bottle or a tire iron. He could be one of three attackers, you see?


What we are trying to convey is a method. Everything else is secondary.


In other words, don’t extrapolate from the sequences that it is “OK” to go out and defend yourself with a knife in every situation you might encounter on the street against someone who has no weapon. That is not the message of the sequences.


In order to use a knife in Self-defense, it has to be a lethal force situation. The knife, contrary to a lot of popular propaganda, is always considered to be a lethal force weapon. So, in order to be justified in even drawing the knife, remember and understand clearly, you would have to be in a situation where you could legally draw a handgun as well.


I know the counters to this argument and to be blunt, they’re bullshit. I know the old saying, “You can’t shoot someone a ‘little,’ but you can cut them a ‘little.’”


Yes, yes, yes, I know that, but legally speaking…it’s a non-issue. Legally, unless you believe you are facing death or grave, bodily injury, you cannot even pull the knife out. That’s the way it is.


So, this is one of the reasons why you have not seen this sort of thing on my Website up until now.


There are other issues when it comes to using Edged Weapons for Self-defense as well.


I am a proponent of these things; I do not look down upon knives as a weapon of Self-defense. Period.


I temper that with other realities that we now face. Societal as well as Medical considerations now come into the fray, this is not 1800 when people could get beyond the emotional shock value of a knife and go to the heart of the matter and say, “Was this person in the right?”


No, instead, now we are treated to all manner of prejudices against people who would use a knife in Self-defense. Understand this, even if you are involved in a 100% legally justified Self-defense situation, if you use a knife, barring a miracle, you are still going to be in for a rough ride in most of this country.


The knife strikes fear in the hearts of many people, it is a weapon that is feared in most cases – much more than a firearm. This has an effect on the outcome of your situation, like it or not, believe it or not.


The knife is seen as, “personal” and “cold-blooded” and you will carry that stigma in some cases, justified or not. To paraphrase the Immortal John Wayne, “Your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault…”


The Medical considerations are now dire in the world. Bloodborne Pathogens like AIDS and Hepatitis-B cannot and should not be ignored. The thinking person must take them into consideration. This includes people who think a firearm is always a long-distance, bloodless and sterile affair. Many people who might attack you live in the fringe outlaw world, their own society. In that society, the combination of Intravenous drug abuse and sexual promiscuity becomes a Biological breeding ground for these sorts of things. This is not said to be “Anti-Gay” or any such thing, I know a lot of people are sensitive about that. No, it’s reality; the same reality that demands most Trauma Surgeons to wear full-face shields now because of the risk of exposure to infected bodily fluids.


On this Website, you see many articles singing the praises of using simple pocket sticks or high-tech flashlights used in that role, do not discount them my friends. Less blood means you look better if and when the Police arrive, if it goes to a Grand Jury, you look better and if it goes to Trial, you look better. And there is a diminished risk of taking a bath in some attacker’s infected blood as well. All things that you really want to consider.


I’m not telling you to discard the Edged Weapon for Self-defense. In many areas, it is the only lethal weapon available for Citizens now. I’m telling you to only use one when it is absolutely necessary because there is a risk of exposure to infectious disease and the knife is hated, despised and feared to a large degree by many people.


Nor is this article a “Knifefighting Article.” It gives a unique insight into one Martial Artist’s Knife Design and how he and I tend to use Edged Weapons in Self-defense. That does not mean that we do not know how to use a knife in reverse grip with the edge facing out, nor does it mean that we do not know how to use a knife in forward grip, those things are in the sequences above as well. You just have to know what you are looking at to begin with in order to understand that. In fact, you can substitute that knife with a pocket stick as well…


The Owner and Administrator of this Website, Myself - as well as the Author of this piece cannot and will not accept any responsibility for misuse of this information – criminal or accidental, it does not matter. Seek qualified Instruction in Self-defense. Do not attempt these movements at home. Use proper Training Equipment, do not use real knives, use Training Knives and become skilled so you can control the degree of force exerted before you do that too…


Everyone associated with this Website and Article accepts no responsibility for your criminal or careless actions. With this lengthy explanation as well as the plethora of other articles on this Website – I think any rational person can immediately see this is not a “bloodthirsty” Website, but a responsible one.


Train safe and be safe.


(“SouthNarc” is a Police Officer in the Southern United States assigned to a Narcotics Task Force. – D. Rearic)


copyright DonRearic.Com


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