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As I have written in the past, one of the most important aspects of Self-defense is the use of lights. A lot of newcomers to the Self-defense World have been spoiled, they literally do not know how good they have it when it comes to a wide variety of choices in Self-defense tools.

This is part of a continuing series in the "Nighttime Companions" articles that I enjoy so much. I won’t go over why you need things like this particular LED Flashlight; you can go back to the other Nighttime Companion articles and read all of that. No use treading over that territory once again.

However, just to give you one important idea…if you can spot someone, even a portion of their body, or see something out of place from several feet away instead of being startled in extreme close quarters. This will increase your chances of survival, or of at least being able to respond when startled. That is so incredibly important and one of the most simple things you can do to defend yourself and no one really likes to talk about that because it does not have a lot to do with kicking anyone in the face or "Martial" things like that.

Everyone has advice to run or advice to "be aware," but no one really talks about the nuts and bolts of that or the tools for that. They gloss over it.

Below you see a picture with a Monadnock Kubotan, Streamlight BatonLite and the Streamlight Stylus 3 Penlight.

The Pocket Stick Articles

The various Articles about Koppo Sticks, The Streamlight Stylus and The Yawara Stick, look there on how to use the Streamlight BatonLite combatively. There is no use going over the same material in every article with similar types of devices.

The BatonLite

Usually when a Company tries to make a device perform two functions well, they end up making something that does both things poorly. This is not the case with the Streamlight BatonLite. It is a great Kubotan as well as an excellent flashlight.


From Streamlight’s Website:

Battery – 3 "N" size alkaline batteries

Bulb – Three 100,00 hour high-intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), "solid-state" bulb

Material – Anodized machine aircraft aluminum with knurled grip.

Unbreakable Lexan® lens.

Weight (with batteries) – 2.8 oz.

Length – 5.5 "

Run Time – 12+ hours

Power – 42,000 millicandellas

Special Features – Swiveling keyring collar with keyring; momentary "blink" and locked "on" switching: O-ring sealed.

Since I have mentioned the Stylus, let’s place the Specs for that here as well…


Battery – Three (3) AAAA alkaline batteries

Bulb – 100,000 hour lifetime, hi-intensity Light Emitting Diode (LED), "solid-state bulb". LED available in Arctic White, Ice Blue, Navigation Green, Blaze Orange, or Flame Red.

Material – 6000 series tempered aircraft aluminum with anodized finish; non-slip knurled grip.

Weight (with batteries) – 1.1 Ounces

Dimensions – .38" (Dia.) x 6.21" (L)

Run Time – Over 10 hours

Power – Arctic White 12,000 millicandelas

Ice Blue 5,000 millicandelas

Navigation Green 15,000 millicandelas

Blaze Orange 10,000 millicandelas

Flame Red 16,200 millicandelas

Special Features – Waterproof; individually serialized; momentary blink switch and constant "on"; pocket clip

Good things, bad things

I love the Streamlight BatonLite, make no mistake. It is an awesome light to be sure. The walls on the BatonLite are thick, but they could have been made just a tad bit thicker, just like they could have been made a little bit thicker on the Stylus. What is "perfect?" I don’t know, if they made them both a little bit thicker, I would like them even more, but someone else would say, "I wish they would make them a little bit thicker…"

That’s the game Manufacturers have to play when they are dealing with a variety of buyers.

The Stylus was never designed to be a defensive weapon, obviously, if you are going to make a Kubotan into a Flashlight or vice versa, you are making a defensive weapon. The walls should be just a little thicker but I’m rather confident with this tool as it is.

The Streamlight Stylus and BatonLite are both excellent products…the Stylus is incredibly bright. If you own one and you are impressed about that much light being pushed out of a single LED with such small batteries, wait until you see the BatonLite. A comparison with the "Arctic White" LED Stylus from Streamlight’s Website shows that the BatonLite is well over three times brighter. That is simply excellent for a Kubotan sized device that has "bulbs" that have a life of 100,000 plus hours!

The only other thing I would change about the BatonLite is this… The area where the end cap is threaded on…the area that is threaded needs to be longer to prevent the end cap from inadvertently detaching. Let’s face it, the swivel is an excellent idea but things like keys on the end of a stick, just like telephone cords on handsets, have a disturbing tendency to twist… You want to stay aware of this and just check it daily and everything should be OK. The problem is, you don’t want the BatonLite screwed down so far that it is ROCK SOLID secure because then, it is easy to inadvertently flash the light. You want it hard to flash and hard to lose the end cap and keys…that’s the balance.

My Wife has carried it for weeks now with ZERO PROBLEMS, I’m just being honest. I would be more comfortable if the threaded area was a bit larger…

The Lexan lens on the end should prove very durable. I think we have to draw a line between Civilian and Law Enforcement use of the BatonLite.

If you were to use this every other day for weeks to pound on people, that might prove to be a problem…

When you consider that a Citizen is not going to be beating on someone every other day, it’s a non-issue. This thing is built very tough, the lens is tough, I don’t see a problem with it.

Even if it were to break, you’re only out $20.00 and your life is saved, can’t beat that deal. Same goes for the Stylus. Get them both.

Don Rearic


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