Houdini Historians say that Harry Houdini had a favorite quote:

"My brain is the key that sets my mind free…"

Isn’t that an excellent quote? I think it is wonderful! Think about it. Harry Houdini also loved to expose charlatans in his day, people that exploited the grief of families for financial gain. The current, late night television "Psychics" speaking in stupid, fake accents interlaced with street slang are nothing new at all. They have been around for a long time. Houdini loved to expose them for the crooks they really were.

This is not an article on Ehrich Weiss, a/k/a, "Harry Houdini," however… This is a very small commentary on something not many think of. Of the majority that will think of it, they will dismiss it out of hand as "garbage."

We mock what we do not understand…

I’ve always had a minor interest in Houdini…ever since I started picking locks in the mid-1980s. It’s been a hobby and I’ve used it Professionally in The Security Industry as well. Mostly, it is just relaxing and intellectually rewarding to me. (That is a rather fancy way of saying it is fun.)

It’s rather neat to have a lock in your hand and to be able to insert something into it that is not a key…and open it. That is rewarding and relaxing in equal parts to me. Some people crochet, some knit…some golf…I like to do this.

I have never been able to prove this, but there is reason to believe that Houdini invented the Pick Gun, or possibly the Snap Pick that evolved into the Pick Gun as we know it.

When you manipulate a lock with tools, there is nothing "magical" about it. But it looks like "magic" and that is the important part.

Houdini once signed an autograph or postcard with this:

"Love laughs at Locksmiths and so does Harry Handcuff Houdini."

Interesting, huh? I think so…

I don’t talk about a lot of things, some things I refuse to talk about when it comes to Lock Picks and Lockpicking. I think anyone interested in the subject can simply do a Google.Com search for, "MIT Lockpicking Guide" and you will have the best Lockpicking Manual for free that you could ever hope of finding. Better than anything I have seen from Paladin Press, Delta Press or Loompanics, that’s for sure.

And it is definitely the equal of Professional Locksmithing and Manipulation Manuals I have read in the past.

I love picking locks I admit it. I can be found at my desk, tapping on this keyboard and occasionally picking a lock, much to the amusement of my young Son…he thinks it is "magic" too.

I love Manipulating Balisongs…that is "flipping" to you folks who are not familiar with them…a well-manipulated Balisong is "Magical" To me. Once, I tried to describe how Fred Perrin manipulates a Balisong and the only thing I could come up with was, "It has a slinging feel to it visually, like sleight of hand…"

That’s accurate as far as I’m concerned.

Yet, there are things we don’t understand. There is deception, sleight of hand, all sorts of fakery and whatnot that most do not comprehend. Right? And so many people hide the Science of Physical Movement and wrap it into what they refer to as "magic." That’s fine…

But…real magic is a science, it is a science of clouding the mind, illusion, sleight of hand…it is a very real form of Psychology onto itself.

These two articles that I have published on this website from Mr. James Sass and Mr. James Keating explain some Science for you…some very blatant as well as incredibly subtle things. There is no spookery in this, it is a Science…a Science of concealing movements and intentions.

I thought this information so incredibly valuable, I obtained the files and permission from these two fine people because I wanted to bring these two articles back to life.

On The Alliance Martial Arts Website, they were once linked along with Mr. Pete Kautz’s excellent article on Magic and how it relates to Edged Weapons Combatives…

Now, to see the third article, you must go to Alliance. But that should be a great visit for you as Alliance Martial Arts Website is an excellent resource for people like us. You will find a lot there! Good info.

So…I am drawing to a close here…the Magic Trilogy is now once again complete, all three articles, Keating, Sass and Kautz can all be read again in one place. That makes me happy.

There is Science in there people…if the word "Magic" offends you, insert the word "Science."

The Trilogy!



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Don Rearic


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